Do you have what it takes to keep the doors open?

Do you have real time data dashboards to alert you of any emergencies?

Do you have an effective health containment plan at work to avoid outbreaks? Can you ensure your workers are not going to get infected at work? Do you have a fast, easy and scalable solution to be open and stay open?

The answer is Safely Pass. Detect, prevent and monitor COVID-19 with our suite of solutions.

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containment plan at work

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Let’s All Get Back to Work… Safely

Ensure business continuity and your employees’ safety by accessing information and tools that help you sustain operations against the threat of coronavirus.

Coronavirus has impacted us all

Technology and processes to create, access, and manage physical space are needed to open safely

Learn how Safely Pass by Andonix are helping organizations automate people entry processes, enable work and supervision, facilitate collaboration through virtual social spaces and implement effective health containment initiatives at work.


Create Safe Workspaces and Manage Compliance Remotely

Automate wellness monitoring and support social distancing at pinch points such as entrances, restrooms and cafeterias

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Maximize the Value of Data with Automation in Real-Time

Make better decisions to support business activity by getting visibility of employee health and wellness with real-time data.


Onboard Your Workforce Rapidly to Prepare for Reopening Now

Andonix solutions offer easy onboarding with iOS, Android and web functionality. Use any type of device.

Empower Supervisors remotely

working remotely shouldn't eliminate your Ability to keep the business going!

Andonix Safely Pass enables remote guidance and supervision without time and space constraints.


"At Master Electronics, the health and safety of our team members is our top priority. Safely Pass enables us to digitally monitor all points of entry and easily promote proper social distancing practices, which help ensure the safety of our team. For us, the decision to implement Safely Pass was an easy one."

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Riad Nizam, President, Master Electronics


Digitize Fast

Fast track training and cross-training with micro-learning and e-learning to prepare for sizable increases in absenteeism.


Track and Record

Digitally track and record employee training to quickly identify best job pairing and deal with the safety and quality fallout of high rotation.



Establish a bi-directional communication channel between front line workers and staff to share information in real-time.

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